Marble Roll 

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 9.10.42 AM







Description: Marble Roll is our first attempt to create a Real Time HD game in Unity 3D using some of the assets available in the asset Store. Marble Roll is a cross-platform game where your mission is to collect all the gems and save yourself from falling into the space.

Version: 1.0







Sky Navigator


Description: Sky Navigator is a Maxthon based web browser for Android Devices. It is a lightning fast, safe and a customizable web browser.

Download for Android (.apk)


The Sandball 

Description: A teeny tiny little game that I created during my holidays. It is very elegant, peaceful and above all fun to play. Your task is to help Mr. Sandball collect ALL the points around the cave and complete the level. This is a multi-platform game is completely free.



Bounce The Game 







Description and Instructions

Bounce is our first ball adventure game. It takes you to different places featuring different puzzles like Space, Garden, Abstract Space and lot’s more. The refreshing gardens and amazing sound FX will sound like a realistic experience. Due to some problems with our Software, We’re unable to edit this game anymore. If you encounter any bugs or errors (I am pretty sure you’ll find them very easily) please understand that this game was actually still under development but we’re unable to continue this game due to some technical issues. However the Number of levels are sufficient to calm you.

Current Version: 1.0.0

Improvements made since the last build:

  • Two new levels have been added. (One of them is a very small one)
  • Windows version zip file bug fixed.
  • Small changes and improvements made in Level 1.
  • A tiny bit of improvement in the Main menu.
  • Configuration Splash Screen changed.


Mac  (You may iZip for extracting the file, It is available on the Mac App Store)
Windows  (Winrar is the recommended program for extracting the file)

[Featured] Haze OS Dark Chocolate

Description: Haze OS is a free Open Source linux-based Operating System. Haze OS was created to deliver the most secure and the best ‘out-of-the-box ‘ experience. It has all the apps starting from a fully featured office suite to a Website builder to help you get things done in a easier way, In addition you also have our new App Center if you need more apps. It is slick and highly secure against viruses and malware. You can choose to try it first (using the live CD mode) or to install the software now. What we want is your satisfaction more than our innovation. This is the third version of Haze codenamed ‘Haze OS Chocolate’ bringing huge improvements to our filesystem, appearance, apps and lot’s more.

Video Preview


Visit the Project Homepage

(If you are using Windows, We strongly recommend you to burn the contents using PowerIso or if you’re using a Mac please use Disco)

iBlune Office

The Revolutionary Office Software

iBlune Office is a free Office suite, It has a Word Processor, Organization Manager and a Schedule Manager.

Makes your Work easy!

All your entries will be saved in the home page of iBlune office so you don’t have to look for your documents anywhere. Even if you deleted a file from your folder, All your projects are visible in the Home Page so you can delete it or view it right from the Home Page.

Compatible with Microsoft Word

Now create and save documents in Microsoft Word Format. We have all the features that you’ll need to make an awesome Document.

Video Preview


Version 1.0


[You’ll need .Net 3.0 (or) higher to run this Software, Click here to download it.]