Unity 4 is Here!

Unity 3D, the world’s number one game engine has got even better! The new Unity 4 is packed with a lot of new features and is probably the most awaited release. Some of the key features are:

    • Linux and Flash publishing
    • DirectX 11 rendering
    • The Easy-to-use interface
    • A new animation system called “Mecanim”.
    • And much more!

Click here to read more. Linux gamers are hungry for more games, What do you reckon about this release? let me know in the comments section below.


Windows 8: What’s going on

Windows 8 is the lastest Operating System from Microsoft that was built with a core objective to create a similar user interface between all your devices (Tablets, PC & Laptops). As we all know, It uses Metro Interface which is the start menu and is very similar to the Windows Phone 7 UI.  This Operating System will come with the all new Windows Store which allows you to download thousands of Metro-Styled apps. Some smartphone apps are also included here. Apart from all these minor improvements, Microsoft has finally announced Microsoft Surface which is a tablet-like device and it is going to be powered by Windows 8.








What are my thoughts?

Some customers are quite happy with this OS but on the other side, People are not willing to upgrade from their Windows 7 due to it’s strange looking interface. What I mean by ‘Strange looking Interface’ is that it makes a PC look more like a Mobile Phone, isn’t it?. People like me who like to work on the computers for long hours and develop softwares, It’s definitely not going to be a cool place for us to work out. However people who love to play with their tablets and smartphones or even if you use a computer at your office, It is really a cool stuff that you’d love to have.

Where to Get it?

If you want to try the BETA version for free,  click here. Dying to get hands on? If you’re ready to buy the official copy from Microsoft click here.

What’s your Opinion?

What are your thoughts on Windows 8 please let me know :).  Any feedbacks? comment down!


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iPhone 5 smashes out!

The long wait is finally over! Apple has shown themselves after a long period of time. There had been a quiet a lot rumors before the release of the iPhone 5 but all of them were fake. Apple is now taking Pre-Orders for this device(Starting from September 14th 2012). It is indeed a pretty big upgrade from the previous models. There are so many upgrades made since the iPhone 4S arrived but here are some of the big ones:



    • The screen size is now increased to 4 inches(along with some other changes too) and the images are more sharper than ever.
    • The new Apple A6 chip is used which is 2X times faster and clearer than the previous chip. The battery life is also extended.
    • These devices will come with pre-installed iOS 6 which is the latest version so far.
    • Retina display comes forward followed by a better camera experience.
    • New headphone jacks and Charger.
    • Fingerprint scanner comes along with it!

Watch this official sneek peek from Apple or visit their official Website for more info.

Boot To Gecko (Firefox OS) unveiled!!

Mozilla foundation has announced their first ever Mobile Operating System for the Smartphones industry. It is an Open Source project and based on the HTML5 technology. Well what are my opinions, First off it is more like a combination of iOS and Android because the appearance looks more like an Android and the apps are similar to that of the iPhone apps. However, According to the feedbacks received People are quiet satisfied by the Alpha releases of this OS. I am not sure weather the image shown above is the latest version but  I would like a share a Sneek peek video from CNET which sounds similar to the image shown above.

However at the end of the day this is again like the regular Mobile Operating Systems out there which doesn’t looks like he is gonna beat the Smartphones industry. But still, We have to wait and watch what Mozilla is up to.