Interview with Robert Nay: CEO of Nay Games

Have you not heard of this guy? Oh well, Robert Nay is a 14 Year Old boy from Spanish For, Utah who developed the number one app for the iPhone, Bubble Ball. Ever since he made this app, It got millions of downloads. This app is available for free and i recommend you to try it: It is a really cool app. And by the way, This was my first interview.






Q1.How did you get the idea of making this app?
Someone suggested I try making an iPhone app, and I decided to go for it. I made a game that I would want to play myself, one that is challenging but not impossible, and one where you can work to solve a problem. Bubble Ball is the result of that.

Q2.What was your reaction when your app became the number one app for
the iOS devices?
I thought it was absolutely crazy when Bubble Ball rose and became the #1 free iOS app. I never expected it to get more than a couple hundred downloads, and I definitely did not anticipate it being the top app for nearly two weeks!

Q3.What was your favorite activity before you started developing
Bubble Ball?
Before getting into mobile game development, I enjoyed doing web development, and I particularly like javascript and php.

Q4. Do teach your friends/relatives to develop smartphone apps?
I have been teaching some friends and acquaintances  how to make apps, as well as many people who send in contact messages asking how to get started.

*Q5.What is your advice for the other entrepreneurs?
My advice for other entrepreneurs would be to just go out and try it. Planning is important, but you don’t know how something will turn out until try it.

Q6.What is your ambition? and please tell us about
your plans for the future?
I hope that I can continue to be an entrepreneur in the future, and I plan on going to college.