Blog Traffic Secrets: Twitter Marketing

Books-lTwitter isn’t just a place for meeting up with celebrities or gossip but an attractive place to share some useful pieces of information with your niche.  When you’re creating a blog, Traffic is essential for it’s success or else it will turn out to be a failure or as we bloggers call it: “A lonely blog”. Twitter is the most popular yet the effective way of driving traffic into your Website/ Blog. Today we’ll discuss just 3 simple steps you should follow in order to take utmost advantage of this Network.

You don’t have to do it first, you just have to do it right.

Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter)

1. Creating a Profile

It is not important to create a new profile again if you don’t have anything too personal on your existing one or if your current one isn’t is too cluttered. The reason is that your readers are always keen on knowing who they a interacting with while reading your posts. Never hide behind the mask of your blog. Now give all the necessary information to your account and then design it appropriately. When you’re entering the small description about yourself, Avoid entering “I am the best…” or “… The great” because you’re going to deal with the high end professionals and not your family again, This will create a cheap image of yourself on them. Keep it simple and short, Preferable just your profession and what you do.

2. Start Tweeting

Start tweeting everyday or even more than once a day but what is more important is consistency. There are a couple of softwares available to schedule your tweets so that it’ll tweet for you even while you’re asleep.  Let users know what is going on your blog and keep exciting them from the new content that is updated in your blog. You might be wondering that you don’t have any followers yet who would read your tweets, How are you going to reach them? Relax, Keep practicing and keep tweeting until you’ve done at least 15-20 of ’em. The reason behind them is that when people click on the ‘Follow’ button, They’ll have a better understanding of your living and tweeting. A blank profile will create a blank image of yourself to them. Also try to keep posting interesting pictures from your blog and interesting titles as 140 characters aren’t enough for some people out there.

3. Getting followers

Start following a couple of high end professionals in your niche. Now when you click on their followers or following list of a specific person, You will find people having similar interests as this critic. Keep clicking the “Follow” button to whichever feels more relevant to your niche. Sometimes, People are keen about knowing their followers so when you follow them, They get a message saying : “[You] is following you”. Now they see your profile full of cool stuff. They follow you and keep up with your life.  Once you’ve got a faithful friend who is having a lot of followers, You can ask him to tweet about your blog so that his followers too will check out your cool stuff. This is how the circle goes on and big people keep diving into your blog.

So Twitter marketing isn’t a rocket science afterall. If you have any suggestions or questions, Feel free to drop your valuable comments below.


Blog/ Product Traffic Secret: T-Shirts

Going to your friend’s profiles on Facebook, Twitter or broadcasting in any social network does not give any guarantee that people will buy or see your product. Instead we need to make them see without forcing their eyes, Let them see what’s that on your back and decide what to do. This person who is watching your shirt may get impressed that your product is exactly what they’re looking for. If you don’t have a T Shirt for your product then know that 99.99% of the people on the earth don’t know your biography and they only want that quality product from you and not yourself (About who you are). You don’t even have to talk to the people around you in detail about your product now, It’s less time consuming and much easier to reach broader audience. A very popular example is Steve Jobs who wore a black turtleneck to impress the people and let them know about his products: The iDevice family (iPhone, iPad & the iPod). You can see him wearing especially on the ‘All Things Digital’ conferences.  This also explains that you have that ‘Love for the Product’ and that you’re not selling a crap to people. Keep your costume simple and neat. Have your Company logo and a small quote or some catchy words like ‘May I help you?’. Just have one color or a maximum of two colors, Avoid adding abstract background to your costume. Let the text and the main content be easily visible. It should be a shirt that you first love to wear.  Avoid creating a duplicate costume of another company. Don’t create different costumes for different products but just one to symbolise that it all belongs to a single company/ organization otherwise it would result in confusion in customer’s minds. Keep it simple and love what you’re doing for you will strive to succeed only if you believe in your passion and think that this will work.

Ups and Downs of Selling your Blog

Creating and managing a blog isn’t so easy but it is interesting. In my opinion, Selling your blog can not only bring you some benefits but even destruction! Want to know how? Well, Here are some short points covering the advantages and disadvantages of selling your blog. Then we’ll discuss in detail about the truth behind this act.



  • You get Heaps of money.
  • You don’t have to pay for your domains/ Affiliate services.
  • You can stop worrying about the traffic and design of your Blog.


  • You don’t own the Blog anymore.
  • Your name is stroken away from your Blog so new readers will not even know who you are!
  • You get no money for ads or your products.

The Fact

Man cannot survive without money, Yes it’s true but not without limits. For any Blogger to lose his blog is like losing his own House. While the benefits are appreciable under cases of Emergencies, It is not cool to give away your Blog like a Candy.  If readers love your articles, They only expect the same from you so don’t shut your doors for your people to come in. Wait! Neither is your Blog a God nor is Blogging a religion, Death is an unescapable event yet to take place in your life, So what are you going to do? This is where Guest Posting comes into Play. It is not possible to carry the Whole World’s Knowledge behind your back so you are advised to enable Guest Posts in you Blog. By enabling Guest Posts, Readers get to read new articles from different authors having their own talents. Well, Here’s What you have to do:

  • Invite a bunch of people who are worthy of writing articles for your Blog. They must have a lot of knowledge about the topic of the your Blog.
  • Tell them the rules of your Blog but don’t lay too many rules, Don’t be too strict on that. They won’t feel free and you can never expect the best results from them.
  • Take the Guest Posters as your Teammates irrespect of your position, Constantly keep reminding them of improving the quality of their articles. Keep encouraging them and never let them stop posting articles.
  • Among your Teammates, Choose your assistant CEO.  Choose wisely and take your time. This is a very crucial stage. Keep In mind, The assistant CEO is going to be the next CEO of your Blog. Never announce this to the public so early, Keep it as a secret, Don’t hurt the other writers by raising one’s status and not the other.
  • Here’s the most important thing, You are the Creator and the Founder of the Blog So first read what they have written and then decide wether or not the article is worthy enough to be posted on your Blog. Don’t let go your own car without a driver, Everything in a Blog should be moderated by the Admin so that he knows where his Blog is heading.

Well, I hope you understood the concept of selling your Blog. There is still so much you can learn but I think that this Information is enough for now and I hope to continue this topic in the days to come.

How to create a Blog with Tumblr

Some people don’t have time to upload the software or customize their blog but they want to share something quickly and efficiently, So Tumblr comes into action and lets them create an awesome blog with no technical skills. Tumblr neither has plugins nor can it be downloaded but it’s easy-use interface makes it look like a Social Network. Watch the video below to see how it works and start blogging in almost no time.


10 useful Buddypress plugins to improve your social community website

Buddypress is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your boring WordPress blog into a cool social network but for some of us, Just commenting isn’t enough so I decided to write an article showing you How to add some additional features to your existing social network that you normally don’t get with the Buddypress plugin. Please note the following points before going through this post to avoid misunderstanding.

1. This is not a top list because each plugin has a different role to play from the other ones so keep that in mind and read this post.

2. The small description that is given below each plugin are taken from the official plugin page. This is because I wanted to show the original description written by the author instead of my comments, Also their description will explain the plugin clearer than what I can do.

1.BuddyPress Portfolio

This Buddypress plugin allows each user to create his portfolio on your website.

2. BP Custom Background For User Profile

The plugin BP Custom Background For User Profile allows your users to set their own custom background image.

3.Bp Chat

Bp chat is a facebook like chat plugin for BuddyPress.

4. BP Group Cutomizer Lite

BuddyPress group customizer is a simple plugin that allows Site admins/groups admins to change the background of a group.

5. BP Photos+tags

Photo Albums for BuddyPress with friend tagging (like facebook). Includes Posts to Wire, Member Comments, and Gallery Privacy Controls.

6. BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs adds collaborative work spaces to your BuddyPress community. Part wiki, part document editing, think of these Docs as a BuddyPress version of the Docs

7. Buddypress Mobile

Mobile BuddyPress theme optimized for viewing on iPhone, iPod touch. Will also work on Android and some Blackberry devices.

8. BP Gallery 

Bp Gallery is the ultimate gallery plugin for your Buddypress powered site. It Gives you complete control over the media. Since the files are stored on your server, so you have full control over the media and you don’t have to worry about giving your private data to anyone else.

9. Buddypress Verified

Allows admins to specify verified accounts or mark users as spam accounts. Get a list of users who have been marked as spam or verified. Allows better spam account management.

10. BP User Profile Map

Add a map display of a members location to their BuddyPress profile.

Top 10 blogs to check out for young entrepreneurs

People love blogging because they love to share information among the people. While there are people who take blogging as a leisure, Some take them as their career. Before you ever begin blogging, Take a look at some of the best and talented bloggers of the World. These people will inspire and give you some ideas as to how blogging works out.

1. Retireat21 & Incomediary

Founder: Michael Dunlop

Michael’s immense study of internet and blogging has made him huge bucks and hits. He felt a need for a place where all Young entrepreneurs can learn and share ideas in a single club. This is where even I got inspired to create this blog. He owns many blogs and ever since he started Retireat21, His blog have been featured in magazines, books and newspapers. You definitely don’t wanna miss his blog because he has a whole lot of contents in his blog.

2. Blogussion

Founder: Alex Fraiser

Alex fraiser is a Web Designer and has worked with WordPress and many famous companies to develop the best themes for WordPress. He also owns another blog called Kolakube where he sells all his thesis themes. Every articles and lessons in Blogussion have intense depth in it. If you love blogging, You’d always love to come back again and check them out.

3. ProBlogger

Founder: Darren Rowse

Pro Blog is one of the most grossing blog out there for bloggers. Darren writes articles on ‘Blogging’ and also sells eBooks and has influenced many people through his paid forums and eBooks. A really good blog for people who like to blog.

4. Robb Sutton

Founder: Robb Sutton

Rob Sutton’s blog talks about Blogging, Fatherhood and Business Building (These Lines are taken from his about page). People wanna make bucks by blogging and he has got exactly what they’ll need. His inspirational articles will just touch you.


5. Tutorial9









Founder: David Leggett

Tutorial9 by David Leggett has several resources, articles, tutorials and inspirations related to Web Development and Photo editing. He has got many subscribers and has become a very popular hub for Web Developers

6. 1stwebdesigner








Founder: Dainis Graveris

1stWebDesigner is a Mashable styled blog packed with articles relating to Web Designing, Blogging tips, Inspirational and other tech related stuffs. He has written great tutorials on hardcore coding like WordPress, JQuery, CSS, HTML5, etc and has also posted tutorials on Photoshop.

7. Marcofolio









Founder: Marco Kuiper

Marco is a mere 22 year old blogger who writes articles on blogging, Web designing, Technology and Programming. It’s so much fun and is really worth spending time viewing this blog.


8. OMG!Ubuntu!








Founder: Joey-Elijah Sneddon

OMG!Ubuntu is a very popular website devoted to the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Joey’s blog has News, Tutorials and Reviews on Ubuntu. He has millions of subscribers on his Youtube Channel and counting. OMGUbuntu! posts articles very often and all of them are really worth hearing. OMGUbuntu! is a very often visited blog and has created a




Founder: Kyle Judkins

Kyle writes articles on tutorials and news relating to Computers and Technology. His blog has so many guest posts and step-by-step procedures for easy understanding.


10. Quick Sprout

Founder: Neil Patel

Neil’s blog has influenced many famous companies like HP, Amazon, AOL, etc to make more money from the Web. He himself has become a multi millionaire through his entrepreneurial career. By the age of 21 not only was he named one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal, but he was also named one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine.

How to convert a WordPress blog to a native Android app

Today I’ll be showing you how to build an Android app for your blog straight from your WordPress admin panel. I’ll be using a plugin called ‘Appsgeyser  plugin‘ which is also used for making web-based Android apps right from their website and distribute it to the World.

1. Search, Install and activate a plugin called “Appsgeyser plugin”.

(Go to Plugins->Add New->Search for “Appsgeyser” and select Install it)

2. In your dashboard, Go to Tools->Appsgeyser Plugin.

3. Enter your E-Mail address, Choose a desired password and give name for your app and select “Create”.

4. After the page is reloaded, Select “Click here to download your Android App” and the link will direct you to the download page.

5. Select “Download APP” to download the APK file or distribute it via the QR Code shown below or share the app with any Social medias.

You may try going to their website and try improving your apps because they have a whole lot of tools. Any questions? Please let me know…