How to create a simple “Hello World!” Mobile app with Corona SDK & Lua

redesign_sdk_mainframe_630x473Corona SDK is a rapid game/ app development tool using which you can deploy to multiple mobile platforms. Corona SDK is built upon the physics engine. This tool uses the programming language called Lua throughout your app development process which is considered be an easier language as compared to the Objective C in Apple’s SDK and Java in Android SDK. It seems similar to the Action script in Flash. It does cost you a lot though leaving out the trial version which only lets you only to try Corona SDK without deploying to any platform. Today, You can just download the SDK from their Website and follow my little explained video tutorial below. Feel free to ask me as many questions as you want.

Video Cast


How to create a Quiz app for iOS/ Android with Gamesalad

16_29_51_656_video_game_publishingGamesalad accelerates your game development process by letting you build just about anything with drag-and-drop logics and actors. It simply lets any freelancers or freebies to develop apps for the leading Mobile platforms like iOS, Android or Windows 8. Please note before you begin with the tutorial that:

1. iOS App Store Publishing requires you to pay 99$ as the developer fee every year. Gamesalad charges no extra fee from their side and you can submit to App Store even with the free version with the Gamesalad splash screen in the beginning. Go here for more details.

2. Android Play Store App submission requires you to pay 25$ once and for all. However you’ll need the pro version of Gamesalad as is the case with Windows 8 app submission. However publishing to the Web or Mac is free. Go here or here for more details.

That being said, I wanted to teach you guys the basics of Gamesalad and let you learn how to basically work with Gamesalad. In this tutorial we’ll be creating a Quiz app wherein an question with multiple choices open up and you’re asked to choose the right option. One will lead to the correct scene and the other to the wrong scene. Watch the tutorial below and ask me any questions if you do have.


Cloning effect with Hitfilm tutorial

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.32.39 AMSo having learnt the basics of Hitfilm, It’s time to move onto a little deeper concept in Hitfilm and that is the cloning effect wherein you can have multiple objects/elements in a single video or frame. If you’ve not read my earlier post which is for the beginners, Click here. To do this you need to have exactly the same environment, same coloring or saturation on both the frames and most importantly retain the camera in a static position (i.e. Capture the video without shaking the camera much). Once you’ve got these steps covered, It’s a pretty simple procedure. Watch the video tutorial below and let me know if you have any questions.


How to add Action Movie FX using FX Home Hitfilm

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 3.26.42 PMMost action movies today use sophisticated yet tad expensive softwares to add quality looking action FX like smoke, explosion, muzzle flashes and so on and so forth. Some of us even lack extreme and profesional video editing knowledge. In such cases, We may use FX Home Hitfilm which is a easy to use yet powers all the greatness of a high end video editing software to our videos. They also have a demo version in case you want to try out the software first before purchasing such a worthy software. In the demo version, You’re not limited to use it for any period but you can only export to Youtube in 480P with Hitfilm splash screen in the end of the video within or under 30 seconds. It’s simple because most or in many cases, FX Home already comes with a lot of action movie FX built-in which makes freebies easy to begin with video editing. Go ahead and watch my tutorial below and let me know if you have any questions.


How to make Firefox your OWN!

firefox_rebrand_flat_logoMozilla Firefox as we all know is a Open-Source Web Browser meant to be fast, customizable and secure. It let’s us customize it’s User Interface, Features and almost everything and anything. Today, I’ll be teaching you guys How to tweak Firefox’s Interface, Adding addons and change it’s branding to suit your heart’s content. Consider your company working on cloud maybe an online Office Suite or whatever, You can have your own content on your Web Browser, UI, Branding and define yourself what you want in the Web Browser that the rest of your employees are about to work on. Few good example could be OWASP Mantra and Flocks (Discontinued); It may note be made in the same method I’m going to follow today but it should be inspiring you. If you haven’t seen Mozilla’s video on what it thinks about Open-Source philosophy, Then click here. Follow the video and refer the links I’ve provided to do just what I’m talking about and ask me questions if you do have.



Place to to get Complete themes:…

Start Pages:…

Guide to creating a executable for the customized Firefox:…


How to Create a File sharing Website

cloudAre you drowning crazy with Dropbox, Mediafire, Rapidshare or any other file server’s limitations? Ever thought of creating one for yourself with your own name? Probably help thousands and even drive a little cash out of it?. Well now you can even with some basic HTML knowledge (I imply my earlier article). If you do want to create a serious File hosting web host then you might want to invest about 50$ for having large amount of space on your server in the first place but I should say that it’s worth for such people. I’ve attached some links, files to go along with my video tutorial which will guide you through the process for doing this task. Download the modified HTML page, Extract it and simply add your form’s embed code to the prescribed position on the template’s ‘index.html’ file once you’ve extracted the zipped file. Watch the video closely and ask me as many questions as you would like to.

Note: This tutorial isn’t honestly applicable to a hardcore Web developer but geared towards being accessible to freebies, non-geeks and full time Entrepreneurs.


Download the modified HTML template

Original Website artist/ dA art Credit

HTML5 Basics


How to create a professional Intro for your videos

Movies-iconA video intro gives your videos a profesional identity and other related important information. Creating a profesional or a cool looking intro is simply possible for everyone but with just a little patience and concentration. All you need is a professional Video Editing software like Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas Pro. These softwares do have a trial version to let you try for a few days or I should say thirty days would be sufficient to search and create a nice looking intro. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages so if you’ve used to one Software’s UI, Do stick with it and look for it’s templates available online. I have attached a couple of links and a video tutorial to get you freebies and bloggers creating an effective video presentation with less strain. Do follow the video tutorial when you’ve installed After Effects (which is what I recommend if you’ve not used to Sony Vegas Pro or anything equivalent) and look for your eye-catching design in the few links that I’ve attached.



Vegas Pro:…

Templates: [Check out the Blog as well as the main resources]………