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We’re focused because we feel that this is the need of the hour.

There’s no fluff here,

And there’s always something new.

…That’s because we believe in Innovations and Technology

We’re here for a better tomorrow and this is our Passion,

And we hope you found this Blog useful”

-Mohammed Haashir


About the Author & History


I am Mohammed Haashir a 16 year old entrepreneur from India and I am

the founder of this blog. I have a lot of passion towards computers and

technology, Plus I love sharing what I know, This lead

to the founding of iBlune. When I find something new, I always think of putting

it up on my Blog. My target is to innovate products that are beneficial to everyone

on earth and to make technology sound easier. There are hundreds of Tech blogs out

there but not all are so informative as iBlune. All my tutorials look terrifying

but they aren’t like the way they appear, All my tutorials are made in

such a way that everyone who is an average computer user can understand and try it

on their own. I am proud to say that this is non-profit Blog and it is accessible for anyone.

 I really appreciate people sharing my blog with everyone, Spread the world for that is

the best favor you can do for me. I hope you found the Blog useful in some way or the other but don’t forget to come back soon.

 I am a open guy so please don’t feel shy to contact me or catch me up on any of the Social Networks.

~Thank You~