How to create a Quiz app for iOS/ Android with Gamesalad

16_29_51_656_video_game_publishingGamesalad accelerates your game development process by letting you build just about anything with drag-and-drop logics and actors. It simply lets any freelancers or freebies to develop apps for the leading Mobile platforms like iOS, Android or Windows 8. Please note before you begin with the tutorial that:

1. iOS App Store Publishing requires you to pay 99$ as the developer fee every year. Gamesalad charges no extra fee from their side and you can submit to App Store even with the free version with the Gamesalad splash screen in the beginning. Go here for more details.

2. Android Play Store App submission requires you to pay 25$ once and for all. However you’ll need the pro version of Gamesalad as is the case with Windows 8 app submission. However publishing to the Web or Mac is free. Go here or here for more details.

That being said, I wanted to teach you guys the basics of Gamesalad and let you learn how to basically work with Gamesalad. In this tutorial we’ll be creating a Quiz app wherein an question with multiple choices open up and you’re asked to choose the right option. One will lead to the correct scene and the other to the wrong scene. Watch the tutorial below and ask me any questions if you do have.



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