How to create a professional Intro for your videos

Movies-iconA video intro gives your videos a profesional identity and other related important information. Creating a profesional or a cool looking intro is simply possible for everyone but with just a little patience and concentration. All you need is a professional Video Editing software like Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas Pro. These softwares do have a trial version to let you try for a few days or I should say thirty days would be sufficient to search and create a nice looking intro. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages so if you’ve used to one Software’s UI, Do stick with it and look for it’s templates available online. I have attached a couple of links and a video tutorial to get you freebies and bloggers creating an effective video presentation with less strain. Do follow the video tutorial when you’ve installed After Effects (which is what I recommend if you’ve not used to Sony Vegas Pro or anything equivalent) and look for your eye-catching design in the few links that I’ve attached.



Vegas Pro:…

Templates: [Check out the Blog as well as the main resources]………



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