Blog/ Product Traffic Secret: T-Shirts

Going to your friend’s profiles on Facebook, Twitter or broadcasting in any social network does not give any guarantee that people will buy or see your product. Instead we need to make them see without forcing their eyes, Let them see what’s that on your back and decide what to do. This person who is watching your shirt may get impressed that your product is exactly what they’re looking for. If you don’t have a T Shirt for your product then know that 99.99% of the people on the earth don’t know your biography and they only want that quality product from you and not yourself (About who you are). You don’t even have to talk to the people around you in detail about your product now, It’s less time consuming and much easier to reach broader audience. A very popular example is Steve Jobs who wore a black turtleneck to impress the people and let them know about his products: The iDevice family (iPhone, iPad & the iPod). You can see him wearing especially on the ‘All Things Digital’ conferences.  This also explains that you have that ‘Love for the Product’ and that you’re not selling a crap to people. Keep your costume simple and neat. Have your Company logo and a small quote or some catchy words like ‘May I help you?’. Just have one color or a maximum of two colors, Avoid adding abstract background to your costume. Let the text and the main content be easily visible. It should be a shirt that you first love to wear.  Avoid creating a duplicate costume of another company. Don’t create different costumes for different products but just one to symbolise that it all belongs to a single company/ organization otherwise it would result in confusion in customer’s minds. Keep it simple and love what you’re doing for you will strive to succeed only if you believe in your passion and think that this will work.


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