How to Create HTML5 & iOS Games for FREE!

Game Creation is not possible for everyone because it requires a lot of technical knowledge (i.e. Programming). With Gamesalad, Anyone can publish games to Web, iOS, Mac, Windows 8, Android, etc effortlessly without any coding. However, If you want to publish your games to App Store, You will have to get a iOS Developer license from their website (it costs 99$/ year) but as far as Gamesalad is concerned, They don’t charge any extra fee for iOS Publishing. You can publish your HTML5 games to your website by copying the embed code and pasting it your Website. It works using the drag-and-drop editor, Drag actors, behaviors and Objects into your scene and you’re done!. Gamesalad is available for both Mac and Windows. Publishing for Windows 8 and Android will cost you 299$(GameSlad Pro), If You’re planning to buy the Gamesalad pro, Let me tell you it is really worth buying. Here are some of the important links with respect to this tutorial So Watch the video and let me know if you have any questions.




GameSalad Youtube Channel


Apple iOS Dev Program



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