Introducing Haze OS BETA: Let’s grab a Chocolate

Haze OS is a revolutionary Operating System that is Fast, Fluid, Beautiful and Highly Secure against Viruses and Malware. It is based on Ubuntu-Linux and it is super Customizable. It delivers an Out-Of-The-Box experience and based on Open-Source Technology. Haze OS has a variety of apps installed for different people and it also has a App Center where you can download and install thousands of applications, Most of them are free. We din’t not want to prove our talents or Create another Operating System, We build this product and hand this over the community where they too can contribute towards this Project, We are proud to say that Haze is a Non-Profit organization. We describe our Product as:

” It is built With Passion,

 It is built For Speed,

 It is built For Beauty,

 It is built for Security,

 And Nothing else…”

You too can contribute this project by Developing apps, Suggestions and Fixing bugs and distributing a Stabler version, If we find that your version of Haze is better than ours We are ready to replace our link by yours. When there are so many Linux Distros out there, People get confused which one to go for, Here’s the fact, Haze can be Installed alongside your current Operating System. The most frequently question is “Why does this look like OS X?”, Let me tell you that it is indeed a good question. Here’s why, We found that people are comfortable with the current Window-based GUI Interface so in this era, Bringing a strange looking interface will make the people spend too much on learning the Computer rather than using it however with that in mind, We din’t create the same Interface, We fixed the parts where users find Computing boring, We made Haze OS enjoyable and stylish than any other Operating System that exists today. We don’t stay in the same tunnel, We keep updating our Operating System every six months so that we keep in pace with the current technology. Reading so much will not reveal the Joy of using Haze OS, Visit our Homepage and get a copy of the BETA Version for yourself today.

Haze OS Homepage


Video Preview



6 thoughts on “Introducing Haze OS BETA: Let’s grab a Chocolate

  1. Hey Haze,

    It’s me, Hamilation. I got your message and came here to check it out. I am just looking at your ‘operating system’ and I am thinking that this isn’t a real operating system, it looks too advanced for one person to just create. I just have a few questions to ask:

    1. Did you make it in like a windows forms application?
    2. Can you put this onto a computer so that the computer can boot with it?

    To me, it just looks like a GUI.

  2. It is built With Passion, 😀

    It is built For Speed,

    It is built For Beauty,

    It is built for Security,

    And Nothing else…” LOL bro xD

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