How to get Windows 8 Speed Dial on your Chrome/ Firefox Web Browser

With the arrival of the new metro interface in Windows 8, It tickles us to try out the new Operating System but most of us aren’t experts to boot the OS using our existing Operating System. Don’t worry, Today I’ll be teaching you how to get a Metro Styled Speed Dial for your Web Browser so that you can have quick access to the popular and the frequently visited websites. I just found a a package of HTML/ PHP files on Devian Art that is downloadable and here’s the link. Follow these steps to get this one:

1. Download the file from the link given above and unzip it to your desired location.

2. Inside the folder you will find a file called “Index.html”, Right click on it and open it up using your favorite Web Browser.

3. Copy the URL and Paste it in the Home Settings, The file that you just opened will now act as your Default Home Page. For Chrome Users, Select the Tools icon on the right most corner and select Settings->(Under ‘On Startup’) Open a specific page or set of pages.-> Select pages->[Paste it in the text box] Click on ‘OK’ button.

4. Restart the Web Browser to check out the Result.

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