iPhone 5 smashes out!

The long wait is finally over! Apple has shown themselves after a long period of time. There had been a quiet a lot rumors before the release of the iPhone 5 but all of them were fake. Apple is now taking Pre-Orders for this device(Starting from September 14th 2012). It is indeed a pretty big upgrade from the previous models. There are so many upgrades made since the iPhone 4S arrived but here are some of the big ones:



    • The screen size is now increased to 4 inches(along with some other changes too) and the images are more sharper than ever.
    • The new Apple A6 chip is used which is 2X times faster and clearer than the previous chip. The battery life is also extended.
    • These devices will come with pre-installed iOS 6 which is the latest version so far.
    • Retina display comes forward followed by a better camera experience.
    • New headphone jacks and Charger.
    • Fingerprint scanner comes along with it!

Watch this official sneek peek from Apple or visit their official Website for more info.


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