Why Vlogging?

People these days are more addicted to Videos than the Ordinary text. If you observe a regular Internet surfer and if they happened to visit any Blog and if they find a Video on a post they first tend to watch the video than to read your long Article so vlogging is one factor by which you can attract your visitors to your Website. Here are some of the advantages of Vlogging over Blogging. Though I wrote this article, I will still stick on to Blogging because I want to keep my things on the right place with a right intension. I am sorry for not posting any new articles for a long time; This was due to my busy exam schedule but I hope you’ll like this one
1.It is Fast!: If you want to say something that will take a long time to write an article, In a video you can start speaking as much as you want and finish your whole discussion in a short span of time. People like to hear and see visually what it is than to read the whole story. Another fact is the time, Most people hardly have time to go through your whole article so you can combine many of your articles into a one single video.

2.It is easy: All you need is a good quality camera, A Computer (obviously) with Internet connected. Once that is ready, you’re all set to start your Vlogging adventure. Unlike blogging you will need to make Pictures, Screenshots, Title images to make it look attractive a Vlog can be successful even with a simple title and visual effects(if possible).

3.It is more personal: If you want to discuss with your clients/ customers/ readers about some serious topic, You may speak stuffs which would look weird to post it onto a article i.e. Small issues/ points. Some people also doubt weather your article was originally written by you or copied from another blog so it is better to show your real identity using a video rather than to argue with the people weather your article is a original one or not.

So as far as I know, These are points to remember about the benefits of Vlogging. The worst fact about Vlogging is that most of the Vloggers on Youtube are geeks and they don’t have a proper purpose for doing so. These guys try to be over intellectual and try to fool the readers that they are real Pro’s. Such Geeking practices should be avoided in order to provide people the exact information what they’re searching for. Be Unique, Honest and creative for World deserves these kind of peoples than showoffs.



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