How to make a Android app using App Inventor

In today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you how to build Android Apps using App Inventor with ease. App Inventor was built for extreme beginners who can’t afford to learn programming, So it uses the simple drag and drop Logics editor (They call it ‘Blocks editor’). This online software is similar to an IDE. First off, You will need to login via your google account and then start using it . This is a unofficial product and is not affiliated with Google or whatsoever. I believe that though it is a really simple tool, It will be really helpful for students who always dreamt of creating a smartphone app. They charge no extra fees or no Pro version, Everything is free for everyone. Once you’re finished building your app you can download the .apk file and test it or share it in the Android Play store or share with your friends. Now in this tutorial I’ll show you how to get started with app inventor, And for this tutorial I’ll be making a Painting/Drawing app.

Visit App Inventor


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