How to make a Panorama with Photosynth

Photosynth is a free app from Microsoft that let’s you make your own own panorama or 3D images online and share them with your friends. Photosynth is also available for Windows Phone 7 and iOS. Here’s a good example I got from Photosynth  gallery and this was made by Aluronny:




Note :

Photosynth gives you 20 GB free storage, The more pictures you have the more your panorama will look great. Basically you will need to capture a couple of images in and around you from below, above, right and left. When you’re done taking photos, Follow these steps to create a Panoramic image from your computer. 

1. Login to your Photosynth account and Download the installer for Photosynth Desktop version from the ‘Create’ page.

2.Open Photosynth and login to your MSN account once again and when you are done, It should look something like this

3.Select ‘Add Photos’ and Select a couple of images (either by holding Control or highlighting the images) of any place and select ‘Open’.

4.Give your Panaroma a Name, Description and some tags for being uploaded into and Select ‘Synth’. After you selected ‘Synth’,

The Panorama will start processing and start to upload it to

5.Once your Image has processed, Select ‘View’ to edit the Panaroma/ Synth you just created. You will have a preview of your Panorama and some additional options to set your Location, Highlights or Order. Once you’re done with it just select ‘Save’ and share it with your friends via Facebook or Email.


For creating a panorama in a Mobile, You can straight away start capturing images directly from you mobile and upload it to Photosynth is easier on a Mobile than to upload it on a Desktop computer because those involve long procedures and time consuming. Here’s a video explaining you how to use Photosynth on a Mobile phone.


Hope you found this tutorial useful 🙂



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