How to create a 3D Car simulator game in 3D Rad


A game created in 3D Rad

3D Rad is a 3D game creation tool that does not require any coding knowledge!It’s free and easy-to-use. You can can make a game compile into a executable or compile your project into a format that can be embedded in your Webpage or a Blog.In this tutorial i m going to show you how to make a very simple car simulator game in 3D Rad without any coding skills.
Here’s a video showing you how to create a very basic game in under seconds using 3D Rad.

So let’s start creating a basic car simulator game
1.Open 3D Rad and on the menu select :

2.Add 3 objects to your game (i.e. Skybox, Terrain, G-force and Car)

3.With the car object select pull the car above the terrain and select Terrain and G-force from the Checkboxes



4.If you press the space button and play the game you will see that the car is now moving but the camera is not properly set so will fix that up in the next step

5. Add a new object called CamChase from the objects menu and check the car object.

(Clue:See the image in the step 4)

6.Position the Camera behind the car and double click on the CamChase and change the options as shown in the image below;

6.You can now test the game by pressing the space button.

You can more stuff’s to your game by adding textures, trees, Opponents, etc. Please refer the 3D Rad forum or youtube for more tutorials.

Hope this helped you 🙂


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